by Samori Toure Swygert

Black I [Eye] on America, is one of the best contemporary literary additions to the world of poetry, and in particular the genre of African- American Poetry.

The concepts, ideas, and pattern of thought portrayed within each line and verse of each poem forces the reader into introspection, and external observation.

The subject matter addressed in this work include a strong emphasis on: law & justice, race & society, religion & spirituality, economics, domestic concerns, education, self inventory, motivation, the war between the Entertainment Industry and the struggle to save Black Youth, and a firm play on dexterity and poetic creativity.

This is not a "dusting or sprinkling" of poetry, but a refreshing, mature, concentrated and comprehensive masterpiece that is a must have in your book collection, or motivate you to start a book collection!

ISBN 9780964873797
128 pages

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