An Active Journey to Inner Joy

by Arnie Freiman

Dear friend,

Does it ever feel like you?re living a life that?s not your own?

At first we just want to make our parents happy, avoid punishment, or fit in. We want to get the job, keep the relationship, or make it through the day. Slowly, we hide a little bit?we give away a little bit?until we realize we have been living another person?s life. Some crisis, breakdown, depression, anxiety, or bad relationship has led you here.

It?s time to meet your Stranger. Your Stranger is who you were before you hid or bargained yourself away. Your Stranger is your truth, your connection to the Divine, and the shared spark with every person you meet.

Through years of study, travel, trial, error, and hard work, I have developed a process to awaken your inner balance, drive, and intuition called the Eight Qualities of the Heart. Each chapter contains a description of the quality, as well as philosophies, stories, poetry, and exercises to help you explore and implement it in your own life. There is no microwavable solution to your problems. You can?t just pop in a self-help book and wait until you hear the ?ding? of inner contentment. But you can start your journey here.

Love, Arnie

ISBN 9781733673907
192 pages

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