Your Purpose, Mission, and Assignment

by Dorothy R. Swygert

Before Leaving This Earth, Know Your PMA (Purpose, Mission, and Assignment) is a call to Action!

It is a voice of ?one crying in the wilderness,? calling us to return to our spiritual Christ-centered roots. It reminds us of our national identity. Dr. Dorothy R. Swygert has chosen ten extraordinary persons who knew their purpose, accepted their mission, and acted on their assignment. Through the mini-biographies of ten visionary people who used their gifts and talents to change the world, Dorothy R. Swygert has shown us how to put faith into action!

We are living in a time when many of us are being led astray. We are falling prey to the many ills in our society. There is a disintegration of family and community life, a continual assault on the public school system, a falling away from the deep, abiding spiritual faith, and values that have guided us throughout our history in this country. Dorothy R. Swygert shows us how to find our way back. You will be the better for sharing this book with the youth of this generation.

ISBN 9780991230624
200 pages

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