How to Develop Your Leadership Attributes to Better Serve Others

by Matt Jenkins

Are you tired of following others? Of working hard but not getting ahead? Does changing your situation to become the leader of your own life seem difficult?

It doesn?t have to be. You can start right now with little things like caring for your family, being charitable, controlling your temper, and pursuing additional opportunities to develop your leadership attributes. Author Matt Jenkins, hardworking, middle class soldier turned entrepreneur is here to help. His book walks you through every step in achieving a leadership role in your life so you can pursue your dreams and inspire others to follow you.

In this book, you will see how to practice attributes that will provide a path for you to go from being a follower who is running with thecrowd, to being the great leader you have always wanted to be. You will see the little things you can do today. Even if you are not currently in a leadership position, you can use these attributes to build your leadership ability for the future. You will see why trusting others, becoming self-disciplined, knowing how to create change, choosing your words carefully and making big decisions will help you to make the journey of becoming a great leader. You will read about the three types of leadership roles that every leader will be in when he or she first enters an organization and how to be a great leader in each of these situations and roles. You will see how organizations see you as a leader and how great leaders use their various attributes successfully in any situation. You will also discover how to use your leadership attributes to monetize everything and how becoming a great leader will make you confident, entrepreneurial, and wealthy.

This powerful and dynamic book delivers a concise outline for growing as a leader using simple and insightful attributes that are effective, easy-to-implement and authentic. Readers will discover how:

? Making little changes today will shape a better tomorrow

? Becoming self-educated is your key to freedom

? Learning to like people will help them like and trust you

? Being imaginative and visionary will lead to inspiring others

? Investing using the Working Person?s Formula can lead to financial independence

? Your personality can positively influence your organization?s environment

? Change can be accomplished through teamwork and motivation

? Being considerate of others and living in the moment earns you respect as a leader

? Giving to others is the gift that keeps giving

? You become a brand and ultimately your own enterprise by becoming a great leader

Becoming a great leader is about serving others. This book captures the essence of developing the modern leadership qualities that matter the most as you influence others to reach their highest potential. Find your path to a lifetime of influence and success by becoming a great leader.

ISBN 9781943164417
343 pages

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