A Poetic Symphony of Wisdom, Guidance, Tools and Techniques for Transforming Your Life

by Carlton J. Buller

Feeling stuck? Dissatisfied with the way your life is going? Or maybe your lifeís okay but you just have this nagging feeling that there has to be something more. Weíve all been there, in one way or another. And most of us never figure out how to even begin to do something about it.

But what if you were presented with the right information that could help you change all that?

This book will prepare you for your transformation journey and provide everything you need to get started.

Why am I so certain about that? Iím Carlton Buller, the transformation specialist, aka the BYM (Become Your Masterpiece) Guy. I specialize in helping people become all that they were meant to be, to realize their full potential. Iíve spent decades, the better part of my life really, overcoming the horrible legacy of multiple types of child abuse that began when I was just five years old, learning from others who suffered the same fate, including my father, applying those lessons to my own life and helping others to benefit from that knowledge.

One of the big lessons I learned is that child abuse programs a person to fail. But it is not the only thing that does. People who are products of dysfunctional families, where there was no overt abuse, can also be programmed to fail. There are also those who fit in neither category but developed that failure mentality by virtue of societal conditioning.

My biggest lesson of all was that, while it is difficult, it is possible to overcome such failure programming. I now believe that those of us who have been programmed to fail are destined to succeed. And if I could do it, as badly wounded as I was, then anyone can. We always do when given the correct tools.

This book will:

Ease you into a way of life where it becomes almost second nature to bypass the noise and distraction of daily living and journey inward to find the answers that await discovery
Set the stage for you to learn, through that inward focus, how to connect with the universal currents of wisdom and knowledge and recognize true insights
Help you to understand the true value of serendipity and how it works
Amplify the importance and power of dreaming
Deepen your understanding of the critical role of silent introspection
Foster an appreciation for the true nature of gratitude and the equal importance of both giving and receiving
Demonstrate the value of visualization
Simplify the process of creating something, anything
Highlight the critical need to embrace our creative nature
Identify the first step to take before making a choice
Inspire you to begin and continue your journey of healing and transformation
Do all this and more in a lighthearted and entertaining way
Bonus: It includes an essay in the afterword that absolutely demystifies success and breaks it down into easy to follow steps.

Buy this book now to help you begin to heal yourself, transform your life, develop the habit of success, transcend your past, accelerate your personal, professional, financial and spiritual growth, become all that you were meant to be and forever live in abundance, compassion, joy and peace.

Release Date: 10/31/2023

ISBN 9780970123831
128 pages

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