by Moses Miller

Barack Obama s historic rise is as much about you and me, as it is about him. Our deepest fears, personal struggles and the adversity that we have faced as African American males, undoubtedly make us more alike than you d ever realize. However, to find where the differences lie, all you need to do is look at the drive, determination and vision that has helped Barack attain numerous accomplishments throughout his life. The same potential for greatness lies within us all, but unfortunately, many of us allow our vision to become cloudy before eventually succumbing to the stresses of the streets. Undoubtedly, this book will inspire you to diligently pursue all of your goals, and obtain success without sacrificing your self respect or dignity in the process. You are the embodiment of the change and hope that has always inspired our race and fueled our drive to achieve great things. Yes You Can! Believe it or not, I can honestly say that I already see the Barack in you. Now I just need you to see it in yourself.

ISBN 9780978692926
136 pages

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