Your Triple A Guide to Creating Your Magnificent Life

by Diane Hill

ďWe are born from the energy of love, the same energy as the universe itself, designed to live in alignment with our soul so we can create the magnificent life we are truly deserving of. Iíll help light your way so you can understand why you havenít got what you want and more importantly show you how to effortlessly draw in the life of your dreams in accordance with your soul"

Part 1 - Authenticity

Iíll teach you what youíre really seeking - Freedom and why so far you havenít got what you want. How youíve let self limiting beliefs and perception stop you from creating the magical life and feelings of freedom you were born deserving of. Youíll learn that youíve been living someone elseís life, not taking responsibility and how your beliefs and attitudes are the blocks getting in the way of your magnificent life!! Youíll discover why youíve feared stepping into your power and how to undo those self-sabotaging behaviors getting in your way. This is the path to freedom - to discover who you really are so you can live in alignment with your soul, so you live your life 10/10 every single day and no longer seek validation from the external world. Youíll understand and revere the most important relationship youíll ever have, why you must nurture this, so you feel empowered, determined and excited to step into your power.

Part 2 - Alignment

Now you know who you really are deep down inside, Iíll show you how to uncover what it is you want and why with who you authentically are, so your outer and inner worlds are aligned allowing you to create the life of your dreams. Youíll understand your unique values and needs, the gifts you have to share with the world and what brings you fulfilment. Why are you here? What are you here to do and to serve? Iíll teach you techniques to listen to your soulís desires, so you curate your magical life from a place of love instead of continually recreating your future based on limiting beliefs and past programming that doesn't even belong to you.

Part 3 - Abundance

You'll understand that when you live in alignment with your soul, trusting yourself in your decision making, knowing what feels good, then youíre vibrating at the frequency of love, the energy you were designed to experience life at. It is this that will bring you the life you were born deserving of. Iíll show you how to cleverly curate an overflow of abundance through rewiring the future version of yourself, so you effortlessly step into your power, just waiting to be unleashed. When you live life like this, with intention, determination and trust, you can and will create the magnificent life youíve always dreamt of.

Key Learning Outcomes

● Understand the stories, thoughts and beliefs holding you back and how to undo them so you live from your truth
● Develop a deeper connection with who you really are
● Know how to intuitively listen within so youíre guided by your soul
● Discover your purpose and your unique gifts who have to give to the world
● Use powerful scientific based techniques to create the future version of yourself just waiting to be discovered.

Creating your magnificent life starts right now! Itís time to understand the magic of life so you can live in peace, joy and freedom! Itís time to choose love over fear, your soul over your ego, so you create and live your one precious life effortlessly with ease every day!

ISBN 9781636181714
242 pages

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