Deceptions to Challenge the Eye and the Mind

by Brad Honeycutt and Terry Stickels

Optical illusions intrigue the mind and delight the eye. Viewers try to perceive the visual shifts in a two-dimensional picture, but can't understand how a single, still image can be so animated and rich. While even the simplest illusions please, this stunning volume goes far beyond the usual collection.

Compiled by visual graphics expert Brad Honeycutt and puzzle master Terry Stickels--and featuring a foreword by renowned puzzle creator, computer game designer, and artist Scott Kim--this collection showcases over two hundred of the finest images from around the world.

From Rafal Olbinski, Rob Gonsalves, and Octavio Ocampo to David Macdonald, Gene Levine, and M. C. Escher, The Art of the Illusion covers the visual spectrum, from the most classic optical illusions to complex graphic and painterly designs that transform the impossible into believable. There are famous paintings, dazzling photographs, and amazing computer-enhanced eye treats that will make you look and look again.

There's Zipper Beach with gulls zipping over the sands, Table Top Towers where a tower of blocks seems to meld into a city skyline, a librarian whose body is literally composed of books, and so many more astounding pieces.

This is a must-have for those who already love optical illusions and those just discovering the wonders of the art. 250 dazzling and often playful artistic creations manipulate perspective so cleverly that they simply outwit our brains: we can't just take a swift glance and turn away. They compel us to look once, twice, and over and over again, as we try to figure out exactly how the delightful trickery manages to fool our perceptions so completely.

Featuring beautifully deceptive works from artists such as Sandro Del-Prete, MC Escher, Rob Gonsalves, JD Hillberry, Scott Kim, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Ken Knowlton, Chow Hon Lam, Judy Larson, John Langdon, David Macdonald, Ray Massey, Jos de Mey, Rafal Olbinski, Octavio Ocampo, John Pugh, Dick Termes and many, many others.

ISBN 9781936140718
224 pages

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