by Louise Gaylord

The woman found murdered in Texas' Anacacho Mountains, her beauty queen looks ruined by carrion birds, is Allie Armington's ex-best friend. The prime suspect, the victim's handsome, mega-rich husband, just happened to have once been the love of Allie's life. Though she hadn't seen the couple for eight year's, Allie's suddenly found herself thigh deep in a Tex/Mex conspiracy involving cattle, oil and drugs? and a handsome sheriff who makes her knees weak whenever he's around. But there's something about him? Anacacho smiles at you, gently beckons, then sucks you in. It's so subtle you don't even realize you're hooked until you try to put it down. It has terrific characters but the problem is, you never know which ones you can trust. It's a good thing this is the first in a series of Allie Armington mysteries because once you meet her, you're going to want more.

ISBN 9780972022705
288 pages

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