A Child's Curiosity About the Absentee Parent

by Angel D. Washington

Parenting is a process in which perfection is unlikely and mistakes will be made. However, our children deserve our greatest efforts. Many have been blessed with the opportunity to instill love, compassion and greatness in a child. The innocence that children are born with is God?s grace and His perfection. It is our duty to carry out His will and give our children the best that we can give them.
It is my hope that Always Remember, You Are Loved will help children understand that as children, they are not the problem. With faith, I believe that this story will touch the heart of someone and encourage them to become involved in the life of their child. No one deserves to live a lifetime thinking that they were unworthy of two loving parents. So, to ALL of those children out there, who are without a Mommy or Daddy?Always Remember, You Are Loved.

ISBN 9780615312170
32 pages

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