A Practical Guide to Material Wealth and Spiritual Fulfillment

by Elliot Hiller

Deep within each of us we know what is right for us. We know there is a way to be more effective and have more of what we want in life. We know our real relationship to the Spirit of our Heart. Elliot Hiller presents the journey to material effectiveness and expanded awareness in a new, unique, and refreshingly practical light. What he knows and reveals in this inspiring book will lead you to harness the power to create both outer success and inner fulfillment.

In pursuing personal growth and development, you will find the tools you need for greater personal understanding, along with practical and simple ways to make lasting positive changes in your life.

As a student of spiritual thought and practice, you will find essential truths offered without dogma in a way that adds power and perspective to your own unique search.

This marriage of the material and spiritual will guide you in accessing the part of you that knows what you want and harnessing your innate enthusiasm for moving forward to receive it with clarity, confidence and effectiveness.

A book like this comes around once in a lifetime. Is it time in your life to step up and know?

ISBN 9780615229461
156 pages

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