Stories to Ease the Pain

by Fernando Figueroa PT, DPT, Ph.D, Cert. MDT

One morning, as Fernando Figueroa worked with a patient who was receiving intensive physical therapy, he told the healing but still-suffering man a funny story about another patient who had been in a similar situation. He laughed at Dr. Figueroa?s story?and the painful therapy became less stressful. The man greatly appreciated the distraction and insisted Dr. Figueroa put all his stories together in book form so other patients? pain could also be eased.

After almost three decades in the profession, in "Adventures in Physical Therapy" Dr. Figueroa has compiled 28 short and easy-to-read stories from the experiences of his patients and colleagues. Many are humorous, some are inspirational, others are poignant?but all are important lessons in the strength of the human spirit. Dr. Figueroa says these stories, among others, have shaped, in many ways, how he views his life, his clinical practice, and his beliefs

ISBN 9781568251851
120 pages

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