by Linda Misleh Wagner

Linda Misleh Wagner brings an unheard of honesty to the life of a binge eater. Brought up in a very loving, supporting, and very traditional Christian Palestinian American family, Linda reveals the story of her life, and how the events in her life contributed in Linda developing Binge Eating Disorder. To Linda, love of and sharing of food demonstrates love of family.

After going through a bitter divorce and a tragic heartbreaking, heart-wrenching loss, Linda still manages to maintain a positive attitude. Life has taught her that she must courageously face hard truths about herself and those she loves even if painful. Deep faith, a powerful inner strength, and a real belief in herself is what propels her forward despite the challenges she has had to overcome.

AS IS Confessions of a True Fatty inspires all of us to face ourselves head on. It drives us to find our inner strength and address the truths we hide behind through denial. Linda's story teaches us that we are so much more than what we look like. AS IS teaches all of us we deserve to love and be loved, mostly and firstly of ourselves.

Linda's story is inspiring and funny. You may cry for her, and you will laugh with her. Mostly you will learn to begin to love yourself and accept yourself. In AS IS Confessions of a True Fatty, you will recognize yourself, relate to her tragedies many of us have suffered through, and instill within your mind that no matter what we go through in life, no matter what we look like, we are all deserving of the best life we choose.

ISBN 9780990615200
257 pages

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