by Carolyn Porter

Carolyn Porter shares with us how it felt to be a prisoner in her own life. She knew there had to be more to life than what she was experiencing and give us profound insights on how to unlock the prison doors of negative emotions, so that we can fly free. The process of transformation is a gift that creates a life overflowing with happiness and joy beyond anything we could ever imagine.

A busy mother of five, a pianist, music instructor, decorator, and health store owner, Carolyn always knew something was missing in her life. A humanitarian at heart, she knew she wanted to help people improve their lives. But firs, she had to experience life's difficulties and discover why things were this way. She learned to conquer these obstacles and create a life of joy. Carolyn is now a public speaker, personal consultant, and author whose desire is to help others find this joy and know they make a difference in our world.

ISBN 9780971115002
176 pages

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