by Jayne Maas Freeman

For almost four decades, Jayne Maas Freeman was a victim of abuse. Beginning at the tender age of six, Jayne was repeatedly raped by a young neighbor, and later lived with a stepfather who continually sexually and emotionally abused her. His verbal attacks left her feeling stupid and ugly and believing that she could never succeed in life. The constant assault of sexual, mental, and physical abuse experienced at such an early age began Jayne?s downward spiral that would continue well into adulthood.

After a series of bad choices, destructive marriages and devastating poverty, Jayne found herself ready to end it all. On top of a cliff looking downward, Jayne made the decision to reclaim her life and take back the power that had been stolen from her for so long.

In A Wallflower No More, Freeman takes you through her experiences with abuse while providing a logical guide to self-empowerment. This "how to" guide shows how an oppressed child can grow up to be a successful businesswoman. Freeman?s steps identify ways for abuse victims to receive help while improving their quality of life.

This self-proclaimed wallflower has blossomed and begun again.

ISBN 9780976222439
204 pages

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