by Dennis Fried, Ph.D.

Are the current events of your childhood now showing on the history channel? Do you look at today's kids and suspect that they're aliens? Have you ever assaulted an electronic device? Do you forget whether some of your favorite movie starts are dead or alive? Are you saying "When I was a kid" more and more lately?

Then meet Dennis Fried, former philosophy professor and stand-up comic (just your normal, everyday career path), and the author of the popular Memoirs of a Papillon: The Canine Guide to Living with Humans without Going Mad. Return with him to the days when kids actually went outside to play! When SUVs were not only unknown but unneeded, since no self-respecting kid wanted to be seen being dropped off by his parents. When gym teachers issued directly from the "walk it off" school of pain management. Back to the days of Saturday afternoon double features, A-bomb drills, and the always-dangerous Big Kids.

This wry, incisive memoir about growing up in a small town in the 1950s will fill you with laughter, nostalgia, and reflections on the changing nature of childhood. If you were ever a kid, this is your story.

ISBN 9780967933511
206 pages

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