by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D.
Illustrations by Belle Crow DuCray

Winner of 10 Prestigious Book
Awards in 2015

Children's Literacy Classics Seal of Approval
Division Winner of the Paris Book Festival
Top Honors Mom's Choice -Juvenile Books
Division Winner Great Southeast Book Festival
Great Northwest Book Festival Runner Up
LA Book Festival, Spiritual Honorable Mention
San Francisco Book Festival, Honorable Mention
Green Book Festival, Honorable Mention
Hollywood Book Festival, Honorable Mention
Spirited Woman Top Book Pick

Ayn Cates Sullivan?s latest book, A Story Of Becoming is a fable for all ages.

It is the story of a seed that over time becomes an apple tree and after a storm becomes a living miracle.

The tale is a metaphor for our own process of self-discovery and reminds us that no matter what we have faced in life our essence is still whole and complete.

Illustrator Belle Crow duCray hand drew each page.

?The Story of Becoming is a beautiful and heartfelt expression of healing. From the gentleness of the deer to the destruction and rebirth of the magical tree, it follows the cycles of Nature many of us are begining once more to pay attention to in these times of transition. The graphite illustrations are a beautiful compliment to the images the words evolve in our minds. May each of us be just as compassionate and forgiving toward ourselves and others through our own rights of passage as we heal from old wounds and begin to recognize and share our gifts once more with the communities we are building.?

Rx Love you Ladies!

ISBN 9780988453722
83 pages

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