by Charlotte Russell Johnson

A Journey to Hell and Back: The Flip Side is the third text in author Charlotte Russell Johnson?s series of motivational books. Ms. Johnson true to form has developed a surprisingly unique book. The two major characters alternate narration of the story. This literary technique serves to mesmerize and hold the reader spellbound. Two separate individuals on parallel descents into hell collide violently, the force of which serves as a catalyst to accelerate their demise. Then just as all visible signs of hope evaporate, in a surprising plot twist surpassing Faulkner?s As I Lay Dying, the text evolves into a completely different direction.

The Flip Side expands on Ms. Johnson?s previous text, A Journey to Hell and Back, an autobiographical account of the author?s life. The Flip Side further explores the author?s life, while also giving the parallel and sometimes contrasting account of Ms. Johnson?s husband, Henry. The text begins with the lives of two separate individuals in preparation for their first encounter and then chronicles their following union. This book is appealing to a wide and varied audience, including those preparing for marriage, divorce, raising a family, or a part of a family, involved in or getting out of a relationship, recovering from past mistakes, parenting, or in contact with any of these groups. This book humorously pokes fun at life?s everyday problems. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson provide unique and sometimes competing perspectives of their life together. The text provides an insightfully honest portrait of the differing perspectives of a married couple. The varying interpretations of major events serve to keep the reader enchanted with the text. After reading this text the reader will wonder how often they have misunderstood the intention of others. The Johnson?s invite you to decide what is the actual truth. They say there are two versions of every story and then there?s the truth.

ISBN 9780974189321
256 pages

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