From Startup to a Billion Dollar Sales in 7 Years - The Adventures of Iza and Samo Login

by Dani Polajnar

QUESTION: Can a cartoon cat save the world?

ANSWER: It can ó if the cat is one of the most downloaded apps of all time, made by a tiny company that grew into a Unicorn ó by founders that wanted to protect Earth before itís too late.

Talking cats? Saving the planet? Unicorns? Donít be fooled. This is not a science fiction book ó this is a business book like youíve never read before.

Based on the true story of a tiny bootstrapped company, in the tiny country of Slovenia, itís world-wide success from a talking cartoon app garnished a billion-dollar exit just seven years after founding.

How? By daring to speak, to breathe, and to live the balance between the feminine energy of passion, joy and conscious creation and the traditionally masculine, formulaic energy of the tech scene. This unique blend between the founders Iza Sia and Samo Login is alive on every page.

Follow along, play-by-play, with the team dynamic and dialogue as if you had a seat at the table ó from the first night where the team committed to each other in the back table of a local pub, to the extravagant celebrations of record-breaking success, to the heart-pounding moments of crushing news in the boardroom and high-pressure negotiations.

Through it all, purpose-driven mission and conscious leadership were essential to inspire a group of propeller heads to achieve the impossible.

The founders had a dream so big, they broke the traditional rules of business, especially those of the tech scene. It follows that 7 Unicorn Drive, therefore, is not your typical business manual.

FACTUAL. Itís based on a true story, not theory or conjecture.

The proof that bootstrapping a unicorn in just 7 years is possible. Proof that putting purpose first, works. Proof that bringing the heart into the workplace is a necessary trait for leaders to role model. Proof that a small, dedicated team can create exponential results. Proof that raw honesty and authenticity build trust. Proof that conscious creation is real. Proof that profit is the natural and unavoidable result from individuals that work together with the right mindset, attitude and commitment to purpose, passion and consciousness.

FEARLESS. Itís not afraid to address the unseen, the unspoken and the unheard between executives and employees: those energies that can either rot an organization from the inside outÖ. or can spark inner drive and inspiration for efficiencies like never seen before.

7 Unicorn Drive was written to inspire others to have the courage to dream big ó but also the courage to look deep into their own lives for personal and professional fulfillment that comes with living oneís purpose and values ó both on and off the clock.

Grab your copy and let the inspiration fly.

ISBN 9789925773138
300 pages

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