Lose 12 Lbs. & Shape Up in 2 Weeks

by Fred A. Stutman, M.D.

The 30 Minute DIETWALK For Women, is a medically formulated weight-loss, body-shaping and fitness plan designed specifically for women. The easy-to follow diet plan features a healthy low-fat, high fiber, moderate protein, great tasting nutritious diet. The DIETWALK plan also features an aerobic walking program combined with easy strength-training exercises for rapid weight-loss, easy body-shaping and complete aerobic cardiovascular fitness. This diet and exercise plan has been shown to boost metabolic fitness, increase energy and produce permanent weight-loss in women. This plan has also been shown to reduce the incidence of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and the degenerative diseases of aging, including certain forms of cancer. Women will actually feel and look younger, and live longer on the 30 Minute DIETWALK plan.

ISBN 9780934232487
278 pages

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