A Novel

by Patricia Friedberg

When young Clara Simon suddenly quit her steady job in Ernest Maxwell Abbott's law firm over his increasingly shabby treatment of Jewish clients, she soon realized the seriousness of her actions. Giving up any job in struggling, post-WWI London meant taking a chance.

Clara knew her family at 21 Aldgate would not be supportive. With that in mind she did the only thing a Londoner could do: she looked for a quiet place to have a cup of tea and think over her hasty decision. A coincidental meeting with a former Abbott employee resulted in the suggestion of a job offer in Chelsea.
Clara, reluctant to consider venturing into affluent Chelsea, finally agreed to meet with the important French artist, Paul Maze, who needed an assistant to help write his memoir of his work as a field artist during the First World War. Their working relationship ignited a passionate love that forever changed and haunted her.
On the tides of political and social chaos prior to the Second World War, Clara was forced to make decisions that risked both her life and her marriage.

A feature film, titled The One I Love, based on her screenplay of 21 ALDGATE, is presently in development by Progress Pictures, Ltd., U.K. (progresspicturesltd@gmail.com) together with The Future Film Group, U.K. (http://www.futurefilmgroup.com, Links: Our Films ? Projects in Development).

ISBN 9781568251424
428 pages

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