Spiritual keys for creating loving relationships, loving yourself, and living with meaning

by Chris Karcher

With the wisdom of Scott Peck?s The Road Less Traveled and the masterful storytelling and insight of Max Lucado?s In the Grip of Grace, Relationships of Grace reveals how you can create loving relationships, love yourself, and live with meaning through the transforming power of grace. Discover the exciting truth in this riveting book as you explore the essential element needed for loving relationships and the major cause of strained relationships. Captivating, easy-to-read stories keep readers spellbound in this exhilarating page-turner. Explore the miracle and mystery of the timeless spiritual teaching of grace applied to everyday life. Anyone who feels spiritually disconnected and wants to improve his or her relationships will benefit from this enlightening book. You will discover how to:

-Know God
-Love yourself
-Create loving relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
-Overcome fear, worry, stress, addiction, or a bad habit
-Live with a sense of meaning
-Open your heart to grace

Experience a transformation that will last a lifetime. This book is a timeless treasure you will refer to again and again.

ISBN 9781932356519
192 pages

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