by Kim Messinger and Michael LaLumiere

One rainy morning, Caitlin tells her mom, ?Watch out! I?m in a big old bad news funk!?
Mom tells her daughter about a special tiara that cheered her up and made her feel like a princess when she was a little girl. Caitlin decides to make one for herself.
She covers poster board with shiny foil, blue ribbons, feathers and glittery diamonds. And when the little girl nestles her new tiara into her strawberry blonde hair, she discovers that a princess can do just about anything.
Caitlin races penguins at the South Pole, rides a sea horse deep in the ocean and flies around the world to have a picnic with Parisian pigeons on top of the Eiffel Tower.
But the best fun comes when Mom finds her old tiara in a box in the attic. Together, the two princesses enjoy a slumber party at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and then, before they fall asleep, plan a trip through space to faraway Saturn. "Princess Caitlin?s Tiara" is intended for children 4-8 years old.

ISBN 9780979100604
22 pages

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