Words that Will Awaken You to the Truth of Your Heart

by Nadia Khalil Bradley

A young Muslim woman starts hearing Jesus talking to her. What is she to do? Nadia, who didn?t even speak English until she was five years old, went with her heart and the floodgates of love and wisdom opened.

This is not a how to do book. It is a how to be book. Origins of Truth is actually three books in one. The first, called Purity, is Nadia?s journal of undeniable awakening that will fascinate you and inspire you to higher awareness. The second, Love, is filled with the simple, clear writings of Christ as revealed to Nadia?for her and for you. The third, Truth, is a wonderful ?encyclopedia? of concepts to assist you in navigating the journey we are all on?life.,

Look at this book with your eyes, read it with your heart. That will be easier than you think.

ISBN 9780975558577
692 pages

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