28 Day Guide: Rewire Your Brain from Chaos to Calm

by Millie Grenough with Jill Berquist & Virginia Kravitz

You?re too busy?

Don?t have time to do anything else?

I?m in the same boat. And there are millions of other folks like us.

That?s why I ?created? the OASIS 60-second strategies.

The OASIS Strategies are kind of a Jumpstart Sanity Kit for us fast-movers.

-They honestly do take only 60 seconds each.
-They?re easy to learn.
-They give you personal experience of your brain?s neuroplasticity: when you do them, you learn how to re-wire your own brain.
-And they really do make a difference in our health and happiness quotient.

Because practicing the Strategies on a daily basis will help you make them an easy and effective part of your life. The Guide is a friendly road map, a handy companion for you on your OASIS journey.

It will help you create the intention, the time, and the space to really integrate these strategies into your daily life. And, as you go along the journey, you will feel the difference as you re-wire your own brain towards fuller health, greater happiness.

To get the most out of this Guidebook, we invite you to:

-Make the commitment to take yourself seriously.
-Be clear with your intention.
-Be honest and real when you say that you will make time to do this journey.
-Know that:
You indeed have the power to control your attitude and your actions, and the power to re-wire your brain.

In the space of six weeks, you can establish healthier re-wiring as the pathway of preferred usage in your brain.

When you do that,
You will experience fuller health, greater happiness, and increased calm.

The people around you will be glad that you are doing it.You are adding your part to peace in our world.

This Guide is intended to be used in tandem with the book OASIS in the Overwhelm.

For added support, the audio CD of OASIS guides you through the strategies and provides tips for making them part of your daily life.

ISBN 9780977841110
112 pages

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