60 - Second Strategies for balance in a busy world

by Millie Grenough

OASIS in the Overwhelm introduces four simple strategies for stress reduction that are practical, easy to learn, take only sixty seconds, and designed to help busy people be more effective?and happier?at work and at home. It is the first known book written by a coach/clinician that uses the latest brain research to teach four easily-learned strategies that can diminish the harmful effects of stress, increase a sense of personal control, engage and enhance a person?s physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health, and are enjoyable and easy to do.

Author Millie Grenough created the OASIS Strategies during her recovery from a near-death accident in the midst of her own high-velocity lifestyle. "Suddenly, and for months," she says, "I was thrust into a slow, surreal pace of living. I knew that I needed to find some strategies to get myself back to health?but not back to the fast lane." The OASIS Strategies helped to restore Millie to total health, and they have helped people from all walks of life find balance and enjoyment in day-to-day living.

ISBN 9780974236803
160 pages

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