Protecting Your Mental Health and Legal Rights

by Randi Kreger & Kim A. Williams-Justensen

Love and Loathing is for people in romantic relationships in which one of the partners has BPD. Kreger and Williams discuss how to survive the romantic emotional roller coaster ride, how it affects children and how to decide what to do; legal experts explain how to deal with the legal issues often involved in divorce, such as child custody battles, false accusations, and restraining orders. With additional material by: J. Michael Bone, Ph.D.; James Novak; Michael Roe; The Texas Fathers for Equal Rights; Dean Tong; Michael R. Walsh; and Robert Weiss, LCSW Note: See also Hope for Parents, Walking on Eggshells, and Hope for Parents or visit the authors web site BPDCENTRAL.COM.

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85 pages

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