by Edward J. Carels, Ph.D.

By reading this book you will understand what makes America Great and what needs to be done to keep it that way. Learn the following:

Is America the same, better or worse than 50 years ago and what are its future prospects

Why other Great Nations failed

The impact of Progressive Liberalism on America

How the greatest economic engine in the world is being systematically dismantled

What kinds of traits did early Americans have compared to today.

What traits are exhibited by successful Americans and are they being taught

Is the government improving or harming factors that made America Great

Does the true cost of illegal immigration exceed the benefits of cheap labor

Why are businesses forced to seek labor overseas

How is the media impacting American culture, crime and mores

What is contributing to the declines in educational achievement and family stability

Why is healthcare so expensive and what happens when they make it Free

Slavery is still practiced in America, the minority are supporting the majority

Politicians alone cannot solve America's problems- Taxpayers must organize and act

ISBN 9780972997812
279 pages

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