by Diane Corrado

The rousing, Broadway-Show-tune flavored music of I WANNA BE PUR-R-R-FECT (SHOW CAT) frames witty lyrics, listing the trade-offs of breeding cats for the star-studded world of ?showing? cats. The atmosphere that surrounds this rarified world further exacerbates the classic air of glorified entitlement displayed by these Aristo-cats. And what better era to place our feline stars, than one is which unselfconscious wealth and ostentatious display of such was de rigueur. No, not today, but the 1920's: Heyday of mansions manned by bevies of servants, all with British accents. At least in the movies, a butler, a chauffeur, and phalanxes of maids, cooks and gardeners scuttled through every household.

And when it comes to visually depicting lyrics, reflecting the spirit of our subjects, there is a regal disregard of the letter-of-the-lyric! For example, the incredible completely Tailless Manx is pictured as a trio of Vaudeville hoofers, dutifully dressed in top hat and, you guessed it, tails!

Each page depicts a single line of lyric and simultaneously showcases a single breed. The levity of the illustration is balanced on the opposing page with a cat fact entry highlighting interesting details about that particular breed.

With the sheet music in hand, singing along with the CD, laughing at the imagery and learning about the different breeds of cats, it all adds up to a foot-tapping experience both entertaining and educational.

Products and campaign will be featured in Pet Stores, Veterinary Offices, other Pet venues, and retail outlets across the country.

Baldwin, NY (May 21, 2012) It was announced today that the Long Island based Kidz Entertainment Inc has signed a non-exclusive license with New York's PAW-TV for PAW-TV named products to be jointly developed. Kidz Entertainment Inc. and PAW-TV will work together on bringing several special animal adoption awareness products to market which will tie in to the important work being done by PAW-TV. In addition, Kidz Entertainment Inc products will be featured on the PAW-TV network and a portion of the sales will be donated to the PAW TV foundation.

Kidz Entertainment Inc creates quality products, very cleverly packaged, to give your child an educational, musical, entertaining and interactive experience bundled into one adventure!!! These unique products combine the worlds of children, animals and music with color and excitement and reach children on many sensory levels.

PAW-TV is an In-Store TV Network dedicated to supporting awareness for animal adoption. PAW-TV contributes more than $10 Million through awareness for animal rescue and adoption programs throughout the NY metro area and currently reaches more than 1 million pet lovers.

For more information about Kidz Entertainment Inc, please visit http://www.kidzentertainmentinc.com

For more information about PAW- TV, please visit http://www.pawtv.org/

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