by Charlotte Russell Johnson

In Grace Under Fire: The Journey Never Ends, author Charlotte Russell Johnson coins the fourth installment in her series of motivational text. Ms. Johnson continues to share the intimate and personal events in her life to offer encouragement to those suffering. In this text, Ms. Johnson?s writing evolves emotionally. The reader is able to view her innermost secrets and emotions. The reader is seduced by the lust of the characters for love and money, while secretly retaining a desire to see their ultimate redemption. These complex characters and their labyrinth of romantic entanglements rival F. Scott Fitzgerald?s The Great Gatsby.

The author explores the importance of hope, love, and forgiveness in marriage. This book is excellent for anyone who has experienced love, heartache, betrayal, deception, divorce, remarriage, anticipates becoming married, or working with any of these populations.

They say that you should never burn the bridge that has brought you through, but at what point is the bridge a safety hazard? This is the first question Ms. Johnson leaves the reader pondering.

ISBN 9780974189338
196 pages

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