by Stan Barnett

What kind of courage does it take for a handful of people to stand up to the most powerful government in the world? The painful answer comes as South Carolina Governor William Haselden and his allies find themselves enmeshed in the dangerous political ambitions of the President of the United States, Roger Seekings, and his ruthless, devious chief advisor. Determined to ship a hazardous cargo of plutonium and uranium across South Carolina for disposal at the Savannah River Site, the president and his aide will stop at nothing to carry out their plans, including endangering the lives of everyone in the state.

The vice president is blackmailed into silence. Military intelligence resources are recruited to spy on dissenters. Judges are bribed. The stage is set for the president to crush all opposition to his goals.

When terrorists take advantage of the explosive situation, the result is a massive nuclear tragedy that forces Haselden and his supporters to face an agonizing and incredible choice: Should South Carolina give in to the president's remorseless demands?or should it secede?

ISBN 9780977120000
553 pages

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