by Lorna Owens

When we are doing well and also during the darkest times of our lives, we are surrounded by grace, mercy, and even miracles - every single day. What keeps us from more fully experiencing this truth? We are limited by a lack of connection to our true self, a lifetime of the habit of going it alone, and the need to learn how to completely surrender to grace. Once we know how to live by faith and learn how to tune into the Divine, we can experience deep gratitude and find far more joy in our lives.

Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracle shares the story of a remarkable woman who successfully remade her life in the midst of adversity and who now leads women and men to their larger lives. Other profoundly inspiring stories scome from men and women around the world who connect readers to a life-changing truth - that our everyday experiences are full of gifts from God.

ISBN 9780979077807
203 pages

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