An Anthology

by Jackie Bluu

Letter's I'll Never Send is a compilation of first-person narratives, including letters, personal essays, poems, diary entries, postcards, and other genre-bending literary works, written by women or those who identify as such. This anthology captures us in our most fragile state and spotlights emotional ties or human experiences that we have all encountered, such as grief, trauma, family bonding, self-reflection, love, regret, and more.

Showcasing our individual journeys and varying circumstances, Letters I'll Never Send reveals how similar our lives actually are, and how we can combine our common experiences to form intangible and resonant connections, no matter the difference in age, location, gender, race or identity.

Author Bio:
Jackie Bluu is a writer living in Bayonne, NJ. She received a BA in Anthropology at SUNY Purchase and a Masters in Publishing at Pace University. During the week, she works full-time as a book publicist at Columbia University Press, and on weekends she manages The Writer’s Den, a weekly (sometimes biweekly) newsletter for writers and other raw humans.

Jackie has been published in Emotional Alchemy Magazine, Jawbreaker Zine, Thought Catalog, Awakenings, Laurels & Bells Literary Journal, Journal of Expressive Writing, Ponder Savant, Polemical Zine and Humankind Zine.

Her chapbook ‘Facing the Beast’ was published in January 2019 and ‘My Dear Melancholia’ in May 2020. Her full-length poetry book, (Not) Another Love Story, was published in November 2020.

Release Date: 11/17/2023

ISBN 9798218239602
201 pages

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