The Ultimate Guide to Hope, Healing, and Self-Discovery

by Dr. Heather DiBlasi

Understanding Addiction and Recovery has the answers you seek about substances. Dr. Heather DiBlasi has put together this thorough and comprehensive guide to answer your questions, share her personal experiences as an addiction psychologist, and help you rethink your understanding of addiction and recovery. Each chapter contains documented information on addiction, stories of people whose addictions destroyed their lives, success stories of people who recovered, and exercises to help you determine the next steps for recovering or supporting a loved one with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). Dr. Heatherís personal experiences working in treatment centers, teaching, and speaking about addiction and recovery inform every chapter. She clarifies misinformation about the dangers of drugs and removes their glamor to offer an honest, straightforward discussion about what our society and individuals can do to help those who are addicted. Understanding Addiction and Recovery will not only make you rethink what you thought you knew, but it will empower you to talk to children about substance abuse, support loved ones, and make our world better.

ISBN 9781636182674
408 pages

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