by William Aulenbach

To live life to the fullest, all of us must continue to evolve. For the Reverend Dr. William Aulenbach, a Progressive Christian and former clergyman, evolving means questioning, changing, growing, and transforming.

How to Make Love (the Agape Kind) with Jesus is a guide to doing all of these. This book will help you examine your beliefs--where they came from, whether they are still applicable today, how they have changed over the years--and decide what new directions you might want to pursue. Inside, you’ll learn about agape, the highest form of love; the trouble with the resurrection stories; the power of the resurrection as a metaphor; what situation ethics is and how to use it; and much more.

The book includes a workbook in which you can evaluate where you are in the wide spectrum of Progressive Christianity. By moving through this process, you can challenge your current thinking and open up new possibilities. The workbook also includes lists of suggested readings that can help guide you on your spiritual journey.

Release Date: 08/15/2023

ISBN 9780998768908
152 pages

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