A Novel

by Carole Carson

Feeling as if she had no choice but to abandon her newborn to the authorities, Jane Bertram is eager to turn her life around. She escapes Iowa aboard a train to Chicago, determined to rise above her abusive past, hoping a new environment will allow her to break away from her dysfunctional relationships and start over.

Memories, however, can never be left behind, and some wounds never heal.

Can Jane silence her motherís harsh criticism echoing in her head, or is she condemned to follow in her motherís footsteps? Will her struggles lead to personal growth or only more heartache?

My Motherís Daughter is the second novel of a four-book series that began with Blackbird. As Jane heads to graduate school, she must find the courage to change the destructive patterns in her relationships and create a new life for herself.

Release Date: 08/15/2023

ISBN 9798986993324
442 pages

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