Inspiration from the Trenches

by Patty McGuigan and Tesha McCord Poe
Illustrations by Priska Wenger Mage

WINNER: Bronze Award 2023 PubWest's Book Design

Two women from different backgrounds became close after they each lost their husband. Together, they found solace and strength in sharing stories of the painful, challenging and sometimes funny moments they were going through as new widows. They decided to write these moments down, and the result is a book which captures their experiences of widowhood with candor, tenderness, and yes, even humor.

Through poignant essays, the authors offer insightful observations on their own lives, practical tips for widows, advice for those who love and want to support someone going through loss, and more. Beyond Widow is a book that can help women who just lost their partner feel less
alone, and an experienced widow feel more seen.

Enjoy this “dip into” book, where you don’t have to start at the first page and work your way through to the end. Something beautiful to keep on your bedside table or bring along in your purse for needed reminders and encouragement.

Release Date: 6/1/2023

ISBN 9798218145132
208 pages

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