A Novel

by Lawrence Terry Leibling

The Alchemist’s Lost Treasure is a family saga that explores the precious and eternal bonds of love that tie us together and the darkest emotions – jealousy and fear – that can tear those bonds apart. Told in two distinct narratives – one taking place in the 17th century and the other in present day – The Alchemist’s Lost Treasure spans generations. When Ethan Hawkins, a 17th century alchemist finds a sacred crystal imbued with seductive mystical powers, his awareness cracks wide open. His imagination flies and roams hidden worlds seldom seen. He faithfully records his inner journeys in his diary. But there is a deadly catch. A series of events cascade unpredictably that make Ethan curse the crystal and throw it deep into the forest. Years later his twin sons, Jeremiah and Benjamin, uncover the crystal at the base of a fallen tree – only to have the crystal’s mercurial nature consume both father and sons. Centuries pass. The crystal’s power lays dormant. It is left for Ethan’s descendent, Izzy Rhodes and his friend, scientist Will Davenport, in present day, to discover the crystal anew and solve its mysteries. Though time has elapsed, treachery concerning the crystal remains. Finding it and the lost diary is riddled with peril at every turn. Izzy’s brother, Levi, has his own secrets and if Izzy finds the diary first, Levi’s deceptions will be exposed. Will is caught in the middle of a terrorist plot, his life in danger, all while exploring the alchemy between the physical and metaphysical worlds that make up life. Could the crystal hold the answers? Can Izzy and Will discover the truth in time to save both themselves and the ones they love?

ISBN 9780964287440
672 pages

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