An Employer's Guide to Navigating Legalized Larceny Within American Healthcare

by Dr. Madeline Smith

No business owner begins their entrepreneurial journey with the vision of managing a benefits plan for employees. But while fulfilling their company mission, whether a small business or a publicly traded company, today, business leaders are forced to wade through countless solutions for their employee benefits plan.

Unfortunately, the employee benefits industry is littered with bullsh*t: vendors misrepresenting solutions, agents with conflicting incentives, and products that arenít affordable. In an age where recruitment and retention are more important and complicated than ever, a benefits package is a necessity but also an opportunity not to be missed. So, how do you craft the perfect benefits package for your employees? How do you afford it? Who supports you? Itís not hopeless. Whole Lotta $$ in this MoFo brings together subject matter experts with decades of experience in the healthcare insurance industry and provides unique insights that are actionable for business leaders.

Release Date: 3/03/2023

ISBN 9781957430089
152 pages

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