How to Tap Into Your Soul to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Edna A. Castillo

Living Your Intuitive Genius is what we can all experience. Readers will be guided to recognize how life is always speaking to them; and how we must be willing to listen. While we navigate life’s experiences, we can learn to see our patterns and develop the inner knowing to grow and heal. We can heal the body, mind, and spirit by tapping into our inner guidance and the tools presented in this book.
In Living Your Intuitive Genius, Edna A. Castillo will show you how to:
› Recognize and cultivate the power within
› Be courageous and take action
› Release resistance to change
› Live from love, mercy, and forgiveness
› Become a self-leader
› Stay curious and keep growing
Wherever you are in life, and whatever you are facing, the book’s content will meet you. Readers can let go of their past and the obstacles that hold them back; they can make positive changes in their life and discover how to live from their very own intuitive genius.

ISBN 9781636182353
322 pages

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