How to Find Truth, Love and Happiness in healing After a Health Crisis

by Aanandha Sharurajah

“Stroke of Gratitude” is the story of a journey back from the brink of death, and the transformative powers of illness, hope and love. A story for stroke patients and survivors, anyone going through a health crisis in life, as well as healthy individuals alike, book reveals the true discovery and realization that a health crisis or undesired events happening in our lives can also set the directions for us to become who we truly wish to be.

We see how the author’s acceptance of life changes he had to make due to extensive sufferings and limitations from a devastating stroke that hit him in 2012, unlocked the key to reveal the next greater version of himself. Each and every stage of the healing journey emitted in Aanandha the power to discover truth, love and happiness, and to achieve dreams that would also fulfil his passionate wish to give back to society in support of the needy and humanity.

Filled with bountiful insights on enduring major life-changing challenges with an indomitable spirit throughout, be warmly inspired with Aanandha’s message of hope towards discovering truth, love and happiness through healing by :
• Opening your heart and mind to your body’s fullest ability to heal, regenerate and be whole again.
• Discovering ways to let changes in your life transform into a path to grow, with conviction and gratitude, to reveal the next greater version of yourself.
• Sharing bridges made of love and passion with the world, through letting out the best in you powered by a commitment to heal deeply, and inspire strongly.
• Transforming from self-pity to new discoveries, renewed strength and purpose in life.
• A turnaround that begins with the spirit of acceptance and gratefulness for every little milestone of achievement.
• Let a new-found dream within you shine out from all physical hurt and troubled minds, to fulfil every purpose and passion in your life.
• Keep soaring high on your eagle journey to build strength, to share love and happiness with everyone passing through your life, and let all these rejuvenate the whole fountain of life within you to make beautiful dreams shine out of rocks and obstacles to bless the world.

ISBN 9789811831577
194 pages

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