A Simple Little Exercise That's Really Hard To Do

by Jane Passaglia

In a world where weighty communication books and competent family counselors abound, many families still describe themselves as “dysfunctional” and their family gatherings as war zones. Jane Passaglia suspects that those “big books” may not be winding up in the hands of those who need them most and offers The Dozen Deadly Words That Poison Love as an easy, and much smaller, alternative for managing recurring family issues. She maintains that it’s not our differences that cause us to “grow apart” but rather the language we use to discuss them. After a lifetime of observing families in good times and bad, Passaglia has isolated a dozen words and phrases that invariably “leap out of our mouths during stressful situations and poison our most important relationships.” In simple, often humorous language, she prescribes easy exercises and creates an unforgettable “Silly Sentence” to help us detoxify our language, say what we really mean, and draw closer to our precious loved ones.

“Family life is not always easy. The truth is we can all do better in choosing words that let us be heard without having to hurt our loved ones. Jane Passaglia’s little book will leave a big impact on your family if you just follow the simple advice she provides, [replacing] inflammatory words with those that can give new understanding to our relationships. I recommend The Dozen Deadly Words That Poison Love for all couples and families”

- Nicole Gabriel, Author of Finding Your Inner Truth and Stepping Into Your Becoming

“In a world where half or more marriages end in divorce and too many parents are estranged from their adult children, Jane Passaglia’s The Dozen Deadly Words That Poison Love is desperately needed. The simple understanding of what these deadly words are and why they are deadly will revolutionize your conversations because you’ll be able to avoid them, use new words to help you communicate better, and create your own destiny for where your most significant relationships will go.”

- Patrick Snow, Publishing Coach and International Bestselling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and Boy Entrepreneur

“Words are not just words…. Words can be swords inflicting pain or arms enclosing others with warmth and love. Jane reminds us to stop and think before we speak, especially when speaking to our most precious loved ones. Her ‘simple little exercise’ helps us say what we mean when we’re hurting, without hurting in return. Her gift of this little book is truly an act of love.”

- Mariel Maloney Rimkus, Author of Shifting Into 9th Gear

ISBN 9781636181622
24.95 pages

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