A Concept Unifying the Character Script of Asia - Classic and Modern

by Mort Sanet, MD, JD

The goal of our course is to ingrain Asian characters into the students mind. It does that through 30 Chapters with periodic instant-feedback tests, 12 Time Outs, an Epilogue, and 29 pages of informational and set-up material. There are 3 free, downloadable, fully searchable electronic companion files:

The Actionary, and electric file consisting of 484 pages of alphabetization listed 7,200 + characters (the first and only alphabetization of Asian script, granting access to characters at electronic speed).

Seven hundred pages of English Word Lists for creating Menory Jogger Sentences on your own (if you're a Do-It-Yourselfer).

Thirty pages of 3 reference indexes listing characters according to Radical, Key, and Bridge for self-study or a quick memory fix. The Trio System comprises more than 1,400 pages of material to ensure your success!

Get started today with the most uniquely developed learning method of our time!

ISBN 9781735395807
222 pages

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