by Rosanne Tersigni
Illustrations by Jacob Nicholas

The World Pleads for Change!

Let’s help our children understand the wondrous connection we share as we live this human experience together. Children, ages three to six, can explore the differences between people, and celebrate them as they learn to love one another. They will see that, in the end, we are all very much alike.

“Eloquently and simply, Rosanne makes the concept of love tangible. This book deftly celebrates that oneness with young children…a ‘must read’ first book.”
—Pam Wong, Board Chair, Congregation of St. Joseph Ministries

“It encourages children to cherish their differences and appreciate what they have in common.”
—Patricia Patton, PhD, corporate executive coach

“We Love One Another is an excellent book, teaching children and adults to love.”
—Perry Rhue, PCC, CPCC, founder & success coach, Ekklesia

“This book is wonderful for school and home use to teach the principles of love.”
—Rev. Dr. Terri Strong, Senior Pastor, St. Paul AME Church

“The message is presented in a colorful layout with a cast of charming characters that should appeal to young readers.”
—Jill Seyler, design consultant and author

“I love We Love One Another and can’t wait to use it in my classroom to show how no matter what, we love one another!”
—Maria Cascardo, elementary school educator

“Rosanne does a brilliant job at opening up a conversation with our children in a fun, engaging, and loving way.”
—Alex Miranda, visionary leader, brand expert, serial entrepreneur

The author, Rosanne Tersigni, is a first-generation American and child of Italian immigrants, who has always seen life through a different lens. It shapes how she relates to people and the world. Rosanne’s life is dedicated to loving all people – believing together we can make lasting change in the world.

ISBN 9781951561864
32 pages

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