Recipes for Conscious Living

by Marcela Benson

Love, Peace & Vegetables is the ultimate resource for people who want a guide to a healthy lifestyle. Spiritual nutrition counselor, Marcela Benson, presents ways to create high frequency cuisine for health and well-being. The book includes lifestyle advice, inspiration, affirmations, tips, menus, and over 150 live-food & vegan recipes. She also explains methods that activate and structure water.

Marcela Benson shows the reader the way to a love-centered lifestyle, teaching how to create delicious, healthy and balanced meals that can heal us from the inside out and change our lives for the better.

Love, Peace & Vegetables is a celebration of compassion, love, and peace. This exquisitely designed 10” x 13” coffee table book includes stunning artwork by Balinese painter, Made Griyawan, and full-color food photography by Ira Rodriguez that brings Marcela’s recipes to life.

ISBN 9781947925229
444 pages

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