Develop Your Team, Empower Your People, Attain Your Freedom

by Brian Harding

Are you tired of employees not getting the big picture, supporting your initiatives, or following your processes, or even directives? Do you feel like you can never take more than a few days off because your business will flounder if you aren’t there to drive or follow up on every critical task?

Are you longing for freedom, and feel like your business owns you, but simultaneously the thought of giving up control and delegating decisions to your team terrifies you? Are you afraid to hold your employees accountable out of fear they will leave you?

Don’t lose hope just yet! Brian Harding has been there, and after years as a business owner and consultant, he has learned the secrets to creating a workplace where employees thrive without constant supervision, a positive culture predominates, and everyone knows what is expected of them.

Now Brian shares his years of experience and expertise in his new book Service Industry Success. He explores the challenges you are facing and provides you with the necessary skills and strategies to transform your organization.

In these pages, you will learn how to:
• Stop wasting time, energy, and resources on training that doesn’t make a difference.
• Quit having the same repetitive and unproductive conversations with your employees.
• Implement a proven, step-by-step process to set you and your team up for success.
• Gain employee buy-in to get your team to do the right thing because they want to.
• Gain the confidence to hold your team accountable without feeling like a jerk.
• Formulate an effective strategy for knowing when to lead by coaching or directives.
• Overcome your fear of giving up control so you can finally be free.
• Improve your ability to recruit, hire, and retain top talent to save significant labor costs.

It’s time to hold yourself and your employees accountable in a way that will enhance everyone’s performance, without doing so in a way that will make you fear your employees leaving or resenting you. Service Industry Success is the key to empowering your team on the path to attaining your freedom!

ISBN 9781636181325
340 pages

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