Changing your life through discovery, exploration, and transformation

by Brandie Allen

Have you wondered if itís really possible to change? Then you have picked up the right book at the right time. Brandie Allen has combined her life experience with her mental health education, basic neuroscience, and knowledge of consciousness and transformation, to deliver the most complete understanding of how to make permanent changes in your life. This book encompasses only the most successful practices to bring about the most optimal life changes, and will help you tackle future challenges. In The Power of Self-Mastery, you will learn:
● What messages your emotions are trying to send
● What is behind the scenes of your subconscious and how it affects you
● How to set boundaries
● How to eliminate judgment of yourself and others
● New ways to understand mental health as brain health (no more stigma!)
● The neuroscience behind attracting things into your life (good and bad)
● How to improve your relationships
If you are ready for self-mastery, let this be your guide to making serious changes in your life.

ISBN 9781636181523
246 pages

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