POPS the Club Anthology

by Amy Friedman and Dennis Danziger

Kat Secaida, wearing white Converse sneakers, wanders through her hood, collecting "the stories of the Culver City projects." Julian Izaguirre recalls the drama at school that starts "when you don't want it to." The young artists and poets in Dear Friends, the eighth anthology from POPS the Club--a nonprofit serving youth impacted by the Pain of the Prison System--forged their work largely during the pandemic and in isolation. Though they were separated by screens from friends, teachers, counselors, and peers, their work still brims with hope and curiosity. It is searing, straightforward, sensitive, and sometimes startling in its wisdom and honesty. "I'm not someone who's always right," Mikey Estrada writes, "but I always try to be. A kid who likes to read and learn . . . a kid who grew up in violence and in gangs . . . where others were waiting for me to fail." Instead, this volume speaks of their success and of all they have to teach us.

"The courage of the young artists of POPS the Club is on full display in this latest anthology. I am overwhelmed by their honesty, hope, and humor. They have discovered their greatest power can be realized by standing vulnerably in the center of their own narratives and inspiring all of us to do the same."

--Bill Thompson, Executive Director, Young Storytellers

Release Date: 04/12/2022

ISBN 9781952197123
232 pages

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