A Memoir Essays

by Loren A. Olson, MD

Fitting in is not belonging

Growing up, Loren Olson was always a good boy. Now heís sick of it.

Olson always did what was expected. To fit in, he partitioned off parts of himself that he believed were unacceptable. He felt isolated and alone.

As a young man, he was successful by every external measure. At age forty, he upended his life when he fell in love with another man and came out as gay.

Olson is a well-regarded essayist, a gifted storyteller,and the author of the award-winning book Finally Out: Letting Go of Living Straight.

In No More Neckties: A Memoir in Essays, he flings open the doors and reveals he wasnít always a good boy. While not always noble and admirable, his stories show humanness to which everyone can relate:

  • Love and heartbreak

  • Cheating and forgiveness

  • Suicide and secrets

  • Menís body image and sexuality

  • Being old and gay

In this book, Olson sends readers a message of hope and compassion, letting them know they are not alone in dealing with the hard stuff in their lives.

"No More Neckties is a fitting title for the refreshing authenticity, intimacy, and candor that the reader will discover within its pages. Dr. Olson is a gifted storyteller who captures readers attention and then deepens their interest as his life story unfolds. What sets this work apart is Dr. Olson's capacity for introspection that makes reading it a deeply personal experience."

--Basil Vareldzis, MD, MPH

Release Date: 05/17/2022

ISBN 9781737995623
280 pages

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