A Simple Conversation About Discovering Your True Self

by Luis Rojas

Whatever troubles are afflicting you or our society, Luis Rojas has found the answer to them: Love.

Join Luis Rojas on an extraordinary journey in the The Answer Is Love. Luis will take you on a gentle rollercoaster ride through the ups and downs of his life, from being a high-powered attorney to losing it all, from childhood bedwetting to bonding with others.

Throughout life, we all constantly experience significant pain and suffering. It is life’s only constant. Why does suffering happen? Is it true there’s a reason for everything? The answer to all life’s questions boils down to Love—the need we have for it and what we must do to become people who can understand, accept, and provide it.

Love may be seen by some as an ineffective tool—will it really stop crime, prevent abuse, or heal those who seem beyond help?

As a husband, father, attorney, former criminal prosecutor, and fellow human, Luis Rojas will share with you his answers to these questions. He has seen Love at work and can tell you it is real. He has not only discovered how all-encompassing Love is throughout our lifetimes, but he knows beyond a doubt that it is the most powerful force in the Universe.

ISBN 9781636181110
29.95 pages

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